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Qualification Judging [EP2] Post-Production

in our previous discussion, we mentioned that photo evaluation criteria typically involve five aspects: technical ability, post-production, lighting application, creativity, and control, along with additional bonus points. In the second episode, we will delve into post-production. In the digital age, post-production is an indispensable key step in photo creation. During competitions, we assess photos based on several critical questions, including the following:

1. Tonal Range: This involves the brightness and contrast of the image. Excellent post-production should retain details, allowing for smooth transitions between different brightness areas.

2. Techniques: This encompasses editing, special effects, visual enhancements, and more. Photographers need to be familiar with various tools and techniques to achieve the overall desired effect.

3. Color Balance: Adjusting the image’s tones and saturation to make it appear natural and balanced.

4. Dodge and Burn: This involves adjusting highlights and shadows in the image to enhance overall visual impact.

5. Sharpness Enhancement: Enhancing image clarity to make details stand out. However, excessive sharpness can lead to distortion.

6. Noise Control: Addressing noise, grain, or other undesirable effects that may appear in the image.

In summary, post-production is an essential skill in film and Photosproduction, directly impacting the quality and viewing experience of Photos.

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