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AWPA is a premier organisation of top Asia wedding photographers established in 2013. Our aim is provide a place where wedding clients and members of the photography industry can easily locate the best wedding photographers in Asia.

AWPA looks for leading photographers in major regions in Asia, based on the quality of their work, their reputation in the wedding industry, and the feedback from wedding clients, fellow photographers, and other wedding vendors.



Check out our website for a list of the top wedding photographers in Asia.  After a rigorous review process, we have picked the best wedding photographers in each of the major cities in Asia and in Mainland China.  You will be able to appreciate the stunning work of the top wedding photographers listed here.  They also travel to other cities and even to other countries to capture the special moments for you.


We encourage fellow photographers to join AWPA as members.  Members will have the chance to enroll to our seminars and workshops, and to participate in the AWPA Annual Photography Competitions.  Winners of the Annual Photography Competitions will be promoted to Elite Members, and eventually become one of the AWPA Master Photographers step by step. Please click here to check out the membership system as well as membership application details.




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Award photo by RONGJI GUO

AsiaWPA Cultural, Creative & Charity Committee 

AsiaWPA Cultural, Creative & Charity Committee (AsiaWPA CCCC) is a non-profit initiative founded by AsiaWPA.


AsiaWPA was founded to instigate positive change in the professional photography and videography industry in general. This was focused on bringing like minded talents together for collaborative purposes. As the network has grown it has become increasingly clear, that there was also an opportunity to utilise this global network of people to work together and create positive social change, through AsiaWPA CCCC.


The core objectives of AsiaWPA CCCC are:

  • Connect AsiaWPA members with local authorities and resources in the cities where our AsiaWPA members are located, whilst ensuring all projects are well led and controlled;

  • Develop creative photojournalism skills. Providing opportunities for photographers and videographers to document, share valuable stories and show the strength of their own culture;

  • Participating in meaningful local charity projects and dedicating to community service, and making appropriate donations to recognised charitable organisations.

The AsiaWPA CCCC consists of a panel of committee members from different regions.  For each region, only one committee member is being appointed, each for a renewable term of one-year.

Members who are interested in helping in the AsiaWPA CCCC, please complete the form below.



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