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New judges for 2024 Nagayuki Kojima & Ben Connolly

This year, AsiaWPA has renewed its judging panel with two new judges. They are Nagayuki Kojima from Japan and Ben Connolly from Australia.

Nagayuki Kojima

Ben Connolly

First of all, congratulations on the successful upgrade to AWPA Master Membership this year, which is also one of the original intentions of our original platform: I hope that members can shine here and make more contributions to the renewal and vitality of the industry.

In recent years, some changes have been made to the judging process to deal with works more effectively and fairly. We divided the judges into different groups so that they could focus on what they were good at. Specifically, some judges specialize in photographing weddings, while others focus on portrait photography. This grouping, which allows judges to independently comment on the competition category based on their professional project, helps to ensure that each judge can focus more on reviewing the entries and improves the quality and fairness of the judging.

We look forward to bringing more diverse expertise and experience to the table with these two new judges, as well as their ability to make outstanding contributions to the development and renewal of Asiawpa!

The AsiaWPA International Photography & Videography Competition First half of 2024 competition is now open for global submissions. Submissions will be accepted from February 21st to April 5th, 2024.

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