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How do we define Classic portraits or creative portraits?

Classic portraits and creative portraits are two different styles or orientations in the field of photography. How do we define it?

First of all, classic portraits usually capture the characteristics and beauty of the characters in a more traditional and elegant way, emphasizing the natural beauty of the characters. More traditional compositions are usually used, such as balanced head and shoulders, frontal or two-thirds facing the camera, etc. The poses of the figures are also more natural and elegant. The focus is usually on facial expressions and eyes, with a concise or blurred background to prevent distraction. Photographs need to capture the real and natural expressions and emotions of the characters, and strive to show the personality and inner qualities of the characters.

Creative portraits, on the other hand, focus more on innovation and artistic expression, often using special angles, lighting, props, makeup or post-processing to present unique visual effects. Compositions tend to be more flexible and bold, and unusual compositional elements may be used to create visual surprises or dramatic effects. Attention will also be paid to the construction of the overall scene, and environmental and background elements may be used to enhance the expression or narrative. Artistic techniques and symbols are used to convey a specific idea, emotion, or theme.

It's important to note that these distinctions are not absolute, and there can be a lot of overlap between classic and creative portraits. Photographers' style, creativity, and personal preferences are reflected in their work, and sometimes classic and creative elements can be combined to create unique and eye-catching photos. That's the best work.

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