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Photo Categories : About Original & Creative

Today we want to discuss that in the photo category, we separate creative and original files. In the creative category of bride and groom photos, synthesis, splicing or adding post-art creation elements are allowed, but in the competition we prohibit the use of AI submission rules, because AI creation is not a photographic work, so the synthesized material must also be a photographer Photographed in person. We will conduct random inspections and request RAW files to ensure fairness.

The original type of another set of bride and groom photos does not allow any post-production synthesis. In terms of adjustments, only up to the following four items are allowed to be made on the original RAW files, including adjusting exposure, color saturation, contrast and color temperature. Because I want to test the photographer’s experience and skills. Therefore, entries in the original film category must contain the original RAW File and the untouched JPEG for verification. Many contestants uploaded edited JPEG works by mistake, or failed to submit the original RAW File and were disqualified or had points deducted.

So I remind you again to pay attention to the competition rules.

AsiaWPA Asia Wedding Photographers Association's first half of 2024 competition has been opened to accept submissions from all over the world. Submissions will be due from February 21st to April 5th, 2024.

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