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Photo Categories: ActualWedding Day

There is a category of photography that deserves discussion among everyone. This category is photos taken on an actual wedding day, which includes the details of the wedding day, capture all sorts of emotions and interesting moments, and Bridal Party, Families & Friends . Specifically, the entries must be about the actual wedding day itself. These works encompass various aspects of the wedding, capturing authentic scenes, heartfelt blessings from loved ones, and the happiness of the couple.

They are all captured during real weddings, without any staged or promotional elements. We understand that wedding customs may vary across different regions, with engagement ceremonies or different arrangements and timelines for the reception. However, the common thread among these works is that they showcase genuine marriages, rather than fabricated images.

AsiaWPA Asia Wedding Photographers Association's first half of 2024 competition has been opened to accept submissions from all over the world. Submissions will be due from February 21st to April 5th, 2024.

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