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Photography: Art, Craft, and Innovation Ai

Photography, it's such an art that lets us appreciate those fleeting beautiful moments. It gives us the chance to spotlight the little details in daily life that others often overlook, turning these bits and pieces into an art of their own. And that's the whole point of our photography competition: to encourage participants to capture the beauty in the world, to let it shine through their lenses.

So, we lay a special emphasis on the pure skills of photography in the competition, not post-production. Contestants are required to submit raw photos taken by themselves. No AI-generated work is accepted. However, we do recognize the potential and importance of AI in image post-processing in this digital era. Consequently, participants can choose to use AI tools for basic photo editing, such as contrast adjustment, brightness modification, or simple retouching changes.

But remember, the heart of it all is photography itself, AI is just a tool, a helpful hand in presenting our visual art better.

Here's hoping that all our photographers seize the chance, unleash their creativity, share their perspectives of the world, and most importantly, have fun in the process. We are on pins and needles for your creation, for your story told through the lens.

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