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Qualification Judging - technical competence

How to evaluate and analyze photographic works reflects the level and style of the photographer, as well as the quality and effect of the work. In competitions, scoring is usually based on a deduction system. All ratings are based on full points, and corresponding points can be deducted for deficiencies or errors in the work. This approach is intended to fairly assess the performance of each entry.

It usually involves five aspects: technical ability, post-production, light application, creation and control, and other bonus points. These five aspects are not only. I will introduce the content and evaluation criteria of these five aspects respectively, and give some examples and suggestions.

The first discussion this time is technical ability, which refers to the photographer’s mastery of photographic equipment and shooting techniques, including the use of basic elements such as focus, exposure, white balance, color, etc. Technical ability is the basis of fortune evaluation, and it is also the aspect that is easiest to quantify and judge objectively. Generally speaking, the higher the technical ability, the better the clarity, detail, color, level, etc. of the work, and the better it can highlight the theme and express the intention. Take this photo as an example, which shows us a couple standing together. Their clothes and expressions reflect a very dramatic and mysterious atmosphere. From a technical and artistic perspective: The handling of light and shadow is very good, giving this photo a strong visual effect and depth. This also adds a mysterious and human quality to the photo. The composition is tight and focuses entirely on the protagonist so that the audience's attention is not distracted. Of course it has its shortcomings, proportions. Although the contrast between light and shadow is strong, in some areas such as the male face, the contrast in the female face may be lost because it is too dim.

But overall, this is a photo of extremely high technical level and depth. The areas that need improvement are more related to details, but there are very few points deducted on the technical level. I hope the above content can help everyone, and we will discuss post-production content in the next issue.

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